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Jazz Fusion

Bernie Mora & Tangent: No Agenda
Bernie Mora & Tangent: All That Glitters
Bernie Mora & Tangent: Transformation
Bernie Mora & Tangent: Dandelion
Shawn Needham & The Black Sheep: Audition
Shawn Needham: Black Sheep
Dan Carlin: Street Talk
Dave Shank: In Due Time
Dan Carlin: Prowlin'
Alex Diambrini: This Guitar...This Music...
Affirmation: Identity Crisis
Affirmation: Lost Angeles
Bill Fulton: Time

Smooth Jazz

Steven T. Easter: O. G. Jazz Vol.1
Steven T. Easter: O. G. Jazz Vol.2
Douye': Journey
Fred Horn: Steady Fready's Ready
Mike Levine: From The Heart
Christiaan Mostert: Midnite Breeze
Jazzy Devils: Burning Bridges
Thom Teresi: Street Smart
Tom Schuman: Into Your Heart

Smooth Jazz/World

AC Jazz (Afonso Claudio): Rio Blue
Alessandro: Alessandro
Dan Carlin: Tradewinds
Thom Teresi: LIVE!
Thom Teresi: Earth Tones

Straight Ahead Jazz/Jazz Vocal

Douyé: Daddy Said So

Karolina: Songs of Hope
Lana Johnson: Songs From The Heart
Greg Hatza ORGANization: To a New Place
Sue Raney: Listen Here
Cat Conner: Cat Tales
The Dave Shank Quintet: Soundproof
Greg Abate: Horace Is Here - A Tribute To Horace Silver
Margie Nelson: Hungry Girl
Seventh Heaven: Seventh Heaven
Tom Culver Sings Johnny Mercer: I Remember You
Dolores Scozzesi: A Special Taste
Tish Oney: Dear Peg
Kelley Suttenfield: Where Is Love?
Joe Gaeta and Cengiz Yaltkaya: Almost Real
Russ Mullen and the Jazz associates: Metro Mile
Melody Breyer-Grell: Fascinatin' Rhythms
The Kerry Strayer Quartet: Play It Where It Lays
Rhonda Giannelli Quartet: It Was Only A Dream
The Catz in The Hatz: Resilience
Mary Foster Conklin: Blues for Breakfast
Larry Coryell: Laid Back & Blue
The Gene Stone Quintet: Tenor Combustion
The Elliot Caine Quintet: Blues From Mars
Paul Seaforth: When Did You Leave Heaven?
Tony Horowitz: Paz Y Amor
John F. Hammond: John F. Hammond
Affinity: Route 66
Maurice Davis: You Don't Know Me
Yevette Stewart The Love Project
Gene Diamond: Bittersweet
Michelle Latimer: Sings and Plays
Phil Ranelin: Close Encounter of the Very Best Kind
Sharon Bercutt: The Music of Sharon Burcutt
Bob Leatherbarrow: Bumpin' In The Basement
Delbert Bump Jazz Organ Trio, The: Organ~ization
Eldad Tarmu: Get Up Close
Fred Horn: Relaxing in Milwaukee
Jeff Babko Group: Misfits of Silence
Joe Gaeta: Art of the Workingman
Joe Gaeta: Venice Café
Judy Wexler: Easy on the Heart
Hammack/Kreibich Quartet: Lonesome Tree
Mike Bardash: Polygon
Mike Bardash Trio: Harlequin
Peggy Duquesnel: Old Friends
Stu Goldberg: Going Home
Suburban Alphabet: Suburban Alphabet
Tom Schuman: Schuman Nature
Trans Atlantic Cool Down: Trans Atlantic Cool Down
Tish Oney: Forever Friend
Vintage Stonejazz: (Stone/Wallace/Glen Ensemble)
Rick Holland-Kerry Strayer Quartet: Speak Low
TRP: Evening In Vermont

Traditional Jazz

The Blue Cat Express: Spirit of New Orleans
Chris Ho: Picasso Blue
Danny Pucillo Quartet: You Know What I Mean
Kerry Strayer Septet: Mentor
Lanny Aplanalp: Natural Colors
Lorraine Feather: New York City Drag
Mark Winkler: Sings Bobby Troup
Michael Geraci: Sax Appeal
Nicky DePaola: Uptown Mood
Steve Blackwood: Mood Swings
Dick Weller: New West

Ambient/Ambient Jazz

Brad Dutz: Nine Gardeners Named Ned
Brad Dutz: When Manatees Attack


Alex Diambrini: Out of the Dark
Fred Horn: Steady Freddy Returns
Mark Kaye: Just Funky
Eastbay Messengers: Detour to Oakland
Steady Fready: Collective Cuts
Times 4: Seductivity
Dave Shank: In Due Time


"Cat Sonenschein: Cat's Covers
Failing Sun: Void
James Domine: Through Your Window
Richie Bartolo: Collage
Rastas: Steamin'

Progressive/Instrumental Rock

Deambra: Deambra
A-Sax-Anate: When A Soul Cries

Latin Rock

Alfredo Rubalcava: Heart Of The Warrior
Los Gordos: Spanish Grease


Jimbo Ross: Driven By The Blues
Lenny Smith & Friends: Featuring Chicago Bob
Terri and the T-Bones: 99 Miles

R&B Vocal

Rastus: Rastus
Nicky D. (DePaola): A Song In My Heart


Clement Aubrey: Happy
Matt Kalin: Matt Jazz
Reggae Dreams: Volume 1

New Age/Ambient

Ambient Tree: Best Life
Anthony: You Can See Forever


John Wessel: Just Want To Get To North County Alive Touch of Grey: Dearly Beloved
Paul Seaforth: Something Real
Charlie Taylor: Once Upon A Time
Donald Rubinstein-Frisell: Time Again
Donald Rubinstein: The Painted Stranger
Lisa Madison: Kiss The Sun
Moses & the Guys with Jobs

Jazz/Folk & Contemporary Folk

Jennifer Robin: Nonodey
Donald Rubenstein: Tangled Up In Bob
TRP (The Reese Project) Duos: Connected

African Pop

Charley Charles: The Other Side


Chris Bennett: Until The End of Time

Salsa/Latin Jazz

Benny Velarde: y Super Combo
Tres-Dos: La Zona Ritmo

Big Band Jazz

George W. Carroll: Life is Good
Mike Gurciullo & His Las Vegas Lab Band: The Other Half Of Me
Nicky DePaola: Class Act

Christmas Jazz

Doug Webb: Home for Christmas
Thom Teresi: Christmas In L.A.
Chris Bennett: When I Think Of Christmas


Lori Barth: Sensuel

Jam Band

Willie Waldman: Trumpet Ride


TRP (The Reese Project): Blue Etude
TRP (The Reese Project): Evening in Vermont
Donald Rubinstein: Maya

Avant Garde/Outside Jazz

The Bob Kee Combo: Young and Bold, Old and Cold
Donald Rubenstein: Acceptance
Sam Rivers Trio: Celebration
Steve & Iqua Colson: Hope For Love


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