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Moses and the Guys with Jobs

Moses & the Guys with Jobs - Moses & the Guys with Jobs

A dozen members of the L.A. music community join BMI singer-songwriter Moses Hauffen in fourteen songs of lost & found love and hope. Fresh and uplifting, these songs of life come straight from the heart.

"Automobile" recently received airplay in Los Angeles on KPCC 89.3 FM's "Friday Night Blues Review" with Juke Logan and Ellen Bloom. Co-host Ellen Bloom said of the CD, "Moses and the Guys with Jobs, I love that. It's got a lot of good songs on it ... very good".

Dan Kimpel of Music Connection writes, "Moses and the Guys with Jobs are enjoying airplay and kudos for their self-titled debut, a winning mix of Alternative, Blues, Tex-Mex, Folk and Pop-Rock".

Assistant Music Director Tom Dean of WOUI 88.9 FM Chicago says, "Moses and the guys with Jobs ... super stuff. It was refreshing to hear music of such originality and quality".

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Ave. 21
Time & Place
Boy Meets Girl
Two Stars
Nobody Told Me
Just Growin' Up
I'll Be There For You
The Insanity
Face I see

Jeff Babko Group: Misfits of Silence

Jeff Babko Group - Misfits of Silence

Jeff Babko composes, arranges and performs on all the 9 extended cuts found on Misfits of Silence, the first release by his Los Angeles based, contemporary acoustic jazz quartet.

After becoming a young local jazz hero in South Florida, Babko returned home to LA and began performing as a sideman with drummer Ralph Penland's Polygon, Rhombus' artists Suburban Alphabet, Impulse!/Sony artists, Black/Note, and various other LA jazz luminaries. At the same time, Babko carried his own group, bringing audiences to standing ovations at theaters, festivals and clubs throughout Southern California.

Recorded at pianist David Benoit's studio (with help from Benoit), his recording features a group that includes both young and established LA jazz artists.

The Miami Herald expressed "....astonishment at the young Jeff Babko!"

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Le Slump
King Zaquinas
She Waits
American Dreams
Drive Like This


Deambra - "Deambra"

Continuing the tradition of sophistication in style, this CD offers Progressive Rock arrangements with lyrics in the synergy of an acoustical and electrical palette.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

One Dreaming
Time Together
Don't Cry No More
Reverie: Only Dreaming
Sound of the Ages
Stop to Walk
Left Hand Man
Fountain of Hope

Steady Fready: Collective Cuts

Steady Fready - "Collective Cuts" by saxophonist Fred Horn

Fred's debut CD seeks to continue the FUNK legacy pioneered by James Brown and the Tower of Power, fueled by catchy melodies, tongue in cheek humor and great solos.
(Parental Discretion Advised).

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

You Can Do It
Ribs and Sauce
Come to Me
Poontang 1
My Boyfriend
Rap One
Light My Fire
Rap Two
Third Legg
Rap Three
Uh Huh
Get Up
Funktion Junktion
New World Symphony
Poontang 2
You Can Do It (Long)
Come to Me (Long)
Polish Samba
Free James


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