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Clement Aubrey - Happy

Clement Aubrey - "Happy"

Florida-based Reggae singer/Songwriter Clement Aubrey makes his Rhombus Records debut with his new Reggae CD, Happy. On this recording, Clement showcases his original Reggae songs in a variety of settings, including A Tribute to Bob - Clements's tribute to Bob Marley.

Clement inlisted some of the best Reggae musicians in South Florida for Happy, and the CD shows it with a great groove and festive feel. Just put on Clement Aubrey's Happy and get ready to party.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Island Boy
OB Queen
Wine Up Dirty
If You Like It
The Bull
California Shake
Tribute To Bob

Shameless - Everything Happens for a Reason

Shameless - "Everything Happens for a Reason"

Shameless is an alternative rock band on the Central Coast of California. Shameless plays original music as well as classic rock covers - playing over 150 shows per year. The band consists of John Wessel on lead vocals and harmonies as well as flute and sax, keyboards, guitar and percussion. Evan Hiney on backing and some lead vocals and Bass. Bill Tompkin backing and some lead vocals and lead guitar. Karen Garmen on Drums and percussion.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Life Is A Two Way Street
Mountain King
This World
Elephants Fly
The Lion
Have To Let It Go
Open Your Heart
At Your Command
Black Magic

The Reese Project - Blue Etude

TRP (The Reese Project) - "Blue Etude"

Beautifully recorded Jazz that offers creative compositions, tight performances
and eye-opening surprises. And that's what the best Jazz is all about... everything
from Blues (the concentration here) to Bop to Funk, and in each style they are more
than adept and quite frequently sublime.
- Chet Williamson, Rambles.net

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Levi's Blues
Autumn Samba
Blue Tuesday
Fall Blues
Loose Goose Blues
Blue Etude
Duncan's Waltz
Blues for Mr. B
Key to Your Heart

TRP: Duos

TRP (The Reese Project): Duos - "Connected"

Tom Reese - Alto Flute, Kirk Reese - Piano

...a duo that creates absolute magic...a beautiful piece of work. - Bob Reny, IAJRC

Easy on the ears, yet brimming with technical prowess and harmonic richness. - Jazziz


Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Old Trail (from Gunsmoke)
Simple Gifts
Blackberry Winter
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Death Scene (from The Untouchables)
Little Sunflower

TRP: Evening in Vermont

TRP (The Reese Project) - "Evening in Vermont"

Tom's vigorous, steely playing shines... - Downbeat Magazine

This band's sound is both airy and gritty which gives it a unique identity.
- Cadence Magazine

Laurie's Cello adds an alluring dusky sound. - Downbeat Magizine

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Evening in Vermont
Blues for Ruthie
Serenade to a Cuckoo
Kitchen Girl
Minstrel Boy
Softly As in a Morning in Sunrise
Over the Waterfall
All Wood

The Dave Shank Quintet - Soundproof

The Dave Shank Quintet - "Soundproof"

On Soundproof, Vibraphonist Dave Shank showcases ten new compositions that feature the highly interactive, swinging interplay of a steller quintet comprised of Bassist John Patitucci, Pianist Barry Miles, Drummer Terry Silverlight, and Saxophonist Mike Migliore and Dave Shank on Vibes.

From start to finish, shank and his veteran crew exihibit a remarkable chemistry
with a penchant for collective improvisation in the moment. Together they establish an uncanny group-think on Soundproof.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Alla Brevity
Fair or Foul
At Ease
Last Resort
Some Nice
A Minor Distraction
Miss M

Dave Shank - In Due Time

Dave Shank - "In Due Time"

East Coast Multiintrumentalist Dave Shank showcases an all original set of Jazz tunes on his first solo CD for Rhombus Records, In Due Time. All compositions were written by Dave and he plays Vibes, Keyboards, and Percussion on all tracks.

Dave enlisted some top notch players on In Due Time including Terry Silverlight-Acoustic and Midi Drums, W. O Black - Bass, Mike Migliore -Flute, Soprano and Tenor Saxes, Tony Kadleck - Trumpet, and Tim Weston and Bob Devos on Guitars. In the 80s, Dave was a member of the Jazz Fusion group "Wishful Thinking" who recorded 3 CDs and received much acclaim from the Jazz community' On In Due Time, Dave and his group play in a style of Jazz instrumentals all their own, a must have for all fans of contemporary Jazz and Jazz-Fusion.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Hudson Line
Mas Comida
South of the Boulevard
Something for Victor
Beef on Week
No Mais
Weighed Down By Fate
Preference Point
In Due Time

Alex Diambrini

Alex Diambrini - "Out of the Dark"

"Out Of The dark" is Alex Diambrini's first Album only available on Vinyl for years now available on CD and for Download from Amazon Music. Tunes include "Shadow Off My Heart" and "You Slow Me Down" A must have for all fans of Pop/Jazz.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

In a Way
My Loving Is for Free
The Way You Love Me
Love So Strong
You Slow Me Down
The Start
Shadow off My Heart
Want You

John Wessel - Just Want to Get to North County Alive

John Wessel - "Just Want To Get To North County Alive"

"Multi Instrumentalist John Wessel's new Cd "Just Want To Get Back To North County Alive" features nine Originals and a few covers. John sings and plays Flute- Saxes- Keyboards and some Acoustic Guitar. Brian Cohen provides all electric Guitars. It's an interesting collection
of songs from a highly creative mind that never seems to rest."
- Strictly Starkey, New Times, Pasa Robles, Ca

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Change Gonna Come
Trinity Lake
Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Then I Cried
Ferry Cross the Mersey
Just Want to Get to North County Alive
Here I Am
Thunder And Lightning
I Like Bread and Butter
Angel in My Eyes
No Laughing Matter

John Wessel

John Wessel - "I'm a Lone Wolf"

"John Wessel named his new album "'I'm A Lone Wolf" and that considering that he played all instruments except Electric Guitar (Brian Cohen)and all vocals, that seems like a fair asesment. Wessel also wrote all but one of the Albums 9 Tracks and he recorded and produced the album himself, Lone Wolf indeed."
- Glen Starkey, New Times


Lone Wolf
Down In Mexico
No Hate
Lazin On A Sunny Afternoon
Pray For The Light
Your A Star
You Are A Legend
Get Me Out Of Here
1 Tom Page

DonavanMuradianQuartet (19K)

Donavan Muradian Quartet - "DMQ Plays Coltrane"

"DMQ Plays Coltrane" features an all John Coltrane set by the West Coast Quintet DMQ , led by Bassist Larry Muradian and Drummer Jeff Donavan. DMQ recruited a top notch group of Los Angeles Musicians for 'Plays Coltrane" including; Chuck Manning-Tenor and Soprano Saxes, Kyle Palmer-Trumpet and Flugelhorn and Curtis Brengle Piano. DMQ is a popular group in the L.A. area Jazz scene and continues with live appearances weekly.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Central Park West
Like Sonny
Syeeda's Song Flute
Giant Steps
Some Other Blues


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