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Listen to Donald Rubinstein "Maya" Donald Rubinstein - "Maya"
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40 Temples
Tjanitas Dreaming
Wierd Train
Miles Away
Four Hands
Fear & Strong
Batman's Dead
Sometimes Love
Blue Manic Cathedral


Following the great response to Donald Rubintein's first CD for Rhombus Records, "Time Again" with Bill Frisell, Rhombus now continues Donald's music with "Maya".

"A terrific collection of 13 wildly diverse tunes by the mult-talented Donald Rubinstein and friends, performed on instruments ranging from harmonica to computer, from tenor sax to baroque violin. Each song heads off in a different, and usually unexpected, direction but they're all held together somehow by a subtly dark and sometimes eerie vibe. Rubinstein's voice fits in well with that vibe, and his stories and lyrics are engaging. The variety of well made, well played music on this disc is impressive -- it's a rich and satisfying piece of work".
- Irving Bellemead, Splendid eZine

"His (Rubinstein's) singing voice reminds me of a tired, more world weary Bruce Springsteen. In the singer/songwriter vein, I'd rather hear Rubinstein than any of the more popular artists".
- Robert Iannapolo, Cadance

"Sigmund Freud on music .. emotionally demonstrative, pain-stakingly recorded material for the soul". - Evan O'brien, MRO


Listen to Donald Rubinstein "The Painted Stranger" Donald Rubinstein - "The Painted Stranger"
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Love Is a Game
Bad Dreams
Cries Like An Angel
True Faith
Dark Spaces
Blue Racer
Without Love
Peace Will Ever Come


Following the great response to Donald Rubintein's first CD for Rhombus Records, "Time Again" with Bill Frisell, Rhombus now continues Donald's music with "The Painted Stranger".

"You won't be sure how to take it at first - unless you're of a mind not completely pop/rock - but it will make you listen. This isn't background music. It's cool. It's night. It's looking for an audience in a theatre of alleys. Imagine John Lennon making an album in the late 60s with Yoko that you actually want to listen to more than once. That's still this. Freeing and relaxing. Beautiful pieces which defy labeling. A ghost in a sometimes dead world of music baying at the moon and ass cheeks. Worth relishing".
- Ben Ohmart, Music Dish

"Donald is crazy. Like Charlie Parker was crazy. Like Kerouac and Bob Dylan are crazy. Perfect crazy. Full of surprises. I can't say anything better about anybody. Crazy on this idiot planet is as good as it gets. Donald is even better. A monster artist (not bad for a yankee)".
- Terry Allen

"You've got to appreciate the sheer volume of the man's output; it's enough to make Bob Pollard look like Tom Scholz .. Rubinstein's ambition is hard not to admire .. truly memorable".
- Keven McAlester, New Times, Los Angeles



Listen to Nicky DePaola "Uptown Mood" Nicky DePaola - "Uptown Mood"
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It's Alright With Me
The Way You Look Tonight
The Lady Is A Tramp
How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
Teach Me Tonight
Pennies From Heaven
Luck Be A Lady
Until The Real Thing Comes Along
Fly Me To The Moon
One For My Baby
I've Got You Under My Skin
Mack The Knife
After You've Gone
Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Rhombus Records is proud to announce our 3rd release for Nicky DePaola. The all standards set features Nicky in the same setting as his live concerts backed by some of the best Jazz players in the San Francisco area featuring Shota Osaba on Piano and Ernie Watts on Sax.

The 13 song set features standards "A Day in the Life of a Fool", "Angel Eyes", "Who Can I Turn To" and "Fly Me to the Moon".

The CD was produced by Jerry Stucker, who also added Guitar on several tracks.

We feel this is Nicky's best album to date, and captures the energy of his live performances.



Listen to The Mike Bardash Mike Bardash - "Polygon"
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Brass Tacks
Late in the Game
D's Blues
Kenny's Klave
And Then What
Leading Edge
Around the Edges
Trailing Edge
Sugar High Rondo


From the opening strains of Polygon, Pianist/Composer Mike Bardash's remarkable new Rhombus Records release, the listener will be fully aware that an exciting and unpredictable journey lies ahead.

A Pianist of consumate artistry, Bardash's playing is placed totally within the context of the music which showcases his extaordinary imaginative vision as a composer.

Funky and straight ahead hard bop, soul jazz, structered avant garde, and solo blowing are all
flavors in this magical stew of creativity and adventure. - M. Kahn




Listen to The Mike Bardash Trio The Mike Bardash Trio - "Harlequin"
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Let My People Go
Red Shirt
The Loudmouth
Black Orpheus
The Way You Look Tonight


Pianist/Composer Mike Bardash previews his debut CD, HARLEQUIN for Rhombus Records. Featuring originals and standards in a Piano, Bass & Drums format with Mike on Piano, Darryl Hall on Bass and Charles Hopkins on Drums, with Deji Coker, Alto Sax on Steps and Harlequin, and Doc Bridges, Percussion on Black Orpheus. Mike also does a pretty solo Piano version of the standard, The Way You Look Tonight.

Tracks include Standards: Let My People Go, Black Orpheus, and The Way You Look Tonight. Originals include: the title track Harlequin, written by Mike.

Mike Bardash Trio's "Harlequin" is new music by a new artist worth checking out.



Listen to Tom Schuman Tom Schuman - "Into Your Heart"
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(MP3 sound samples)

Find A Way
Quality Time
Portrait Of My Father
Mysterious Ways
Samba For Two
Because Of You
Past Stories
Easy Kill
Third Spirt
Nothing More To Say

Spyro Gyra Keyboardist Tom Schuman's solo project, INTO YOUR HEART was released in 2002 with rave reviews. Now in conjunction with Tom's new release, SCHUMAN NATURE, Rhombus Records is re-releasing INTO YOUR HEART and both CDs are available exclusively through Rhombus.

INTO YOUR HEART is an all original project and features Tom playing almost all of the music with just a few sidemen and singers on a number of tracks.

Tom Schuman's release INTO YOUR HEART shows just how versatile he is."
- Jazz Review.com.

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Listen to Tom Schuman

Tom Schuman - "Schuman Nature"
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Portrait Of Adrian
Moon Germs
Waltz For Debby
Faces In The Clouds
Ruby, My Dear
Search For Peace
Thelma Faye
For The Moment

You know him from Spyro Gyra, where he has mastered the keyboards for nearly 30 years.
But long before Spyro Gyra, Tom was raised and schooled in the original jazz traditions: Oscar Peterson, McCoy Tyner, Ahmad Jamal, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Thelonius Monk and more. Come take a journey in jazz, pure and natural with SCHUMAN NATURE.

SCHUMAN NATURE features award-winning Drummer, Cora C. Coleman, and Bassist Extraordinaires, Dwayne Dolphin and Ameen Saleem. Tom Schuman is a talented composer, as can be seen from his contributions to Spyro Gyra for nearly 30 years and his previous solo releases, Extremities and Into Your Heart. He continues his trend with SCHUMAN NATURE offering four new original compositions that more than hold their own next to standard favorites: Neferiti, Waltz for Debby, Search for Peace, Moon Germs, and Ruby, My Dear.

Tom Schuman's return to his roots is a bountiful harvest for us all.

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