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Delbert Bump Jazz Organ Trio: Organi~zation

The Delbert Bump Jazz Organ Trio - "Organi~zation"

A must for all Jazz Organ fans. The Delbert Bump Jazz Trio presents a set of scorching Organ trio tunes featuring originals by Delbert and standards in the genres of Blues, Be Bop, Fusion, Hip Hop, Spirituals and more. The trio includes Delbert on Hammond Organ, Steve Homan on Guitar, and Babatunde on Drums.

The Delbert Bump Jazz Organ Trio reflects the musical values of the Jazz Organ tradition while creating a new, cohesive, blend of timbres through exciting directions in composition, arrangement, and performance. The players involved are remarkably talented and inventive, crafting unique improvisational and rhythmical complexities.
- Night Time Live, Sacramento, CA.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

In The Zone
Sunny Sun
Sea of Trains
Quiet Intrusion
Bud Powell
Autumn Leaves
'Round Midnight
Kinda Cool

Jimbo Ross: Driven by the Blues

Jimbo Ross - "Driven by the Blues"

Some people think the blues is a down thing. But to quote Willie Dixon again, "All blues are happy blues." Willie would be happy to hear Jimbo Ross plays the blues, because when Jimbo plays, people listen. He's the embodiment of the happy blues - even in the deepest and darkest of songs, he finds the shining silver lining in the dark clouds, the joy inside the blues.

Jimbo spent a lot of time playing guitar growing up, and it's in his unprecedented translation of guitar style blues to the viola that he has found a sound entirely his own. A virtuoso violist who has long been in great demand as a studio musician for his uncanny chameleonic ability to adapt the viola to any musical genre, he's played everything from blues to gospel, swing to salsa, Baroque to Bulgarian, be-bop to hip-hop, Turkish to techno, and everywhere in-between. He's played on classic albums such as The Band's The Last Waltz and with legendary artists ranging from Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Jimmy Scott to Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Rod Stewart, and Bob Dylan. He's played in orchestras and in rock, jazz, and fusion bands, and for years co-led the great band Swingstreet.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Driven By The Blues
Walkin By My Self
Messin With The Blues
Boogie Man
It Hurts Me Too
I'm Tore Down
Just A Little Bit
You Can't Judge A Book
I've Got News For You
Help Me Through The Day
You Don't Have To Go

Danny Pucillo Quartet: You Know What I Mean

Danny Pucillo Quartet - "You Know What I Mean"

Danny has toured world-wide and performed in jazz clubs from the east coast to the west coast. Danny offers you his jazz artistry on DPQ's latest CD. The musicians enjoy an instrumental conversation that varies from laid-back to the best of the traditional jazz world and the excitement and energy of Danny's contemporary compositions.


DPQ is one to catch live or on record. - Jim Santella

The more I listen to the CD while preparing this review, the more I like it. - Stuart Kremsly

Danny has played with the people who have made jazz history.
- Zan Stewart

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Chase It
You Know What I Mean
You're My Thrill
Niyansukes Dream
Night & Day
Johnny Come Lately

Terri & The T-bones: 99 Miles

Terri and the T-Bones - "99 Miles"

Terri and the T-Bones' first full-length original CD, "99 Miles" is an explosion of Blues, Rock,and heartfelt ballads. With its ballsy electric guitar work, roots-blues intensity, and passionate vocals from Texas songstress Terri Brinegar, this CD has one HELL of an in-your-face punch!

Terri's voice has been described as "one of the strongest on the scene" (Music Connection Magazine - Jan. 99), and has "pipes to die for" (Southland Blues Magazine - June 98).

If you love the Blues and love Rock & Roll, then this CD will knock your socks off!

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

99 Miles
This Chain
Voodoo Queen
Borrowed Time
Right from Wrong
Gun Your Motor
I'll Let You Love Me
Mexican Moon
Prison Blues
Little White Lies
I Choose the Bottle
Tendin' to Your Needs
Texas Time
The Water's Edge

Trans Atlantic Cool Down: Trans Atlantic Cool Down

Trans Atlantic Cool Down - "Trans Atlantic Cool Down"

Trans Atlantic Cool Down is a merger of three different styles of original music of Amsterdam-based jazz harmonica player Tim Welvaars, L.A.-based vibes player Eldad Tarmu, and L.A.-based guitarist Joe Gaeta.

Other group members are Bill Markus - bass, and Steve Sykes - drums.

Styles include Traditional Jazz, Bossa Nova and Waltz.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Ode for Dan
Sweet Reminders
Point of No Return
Joe's Bag
Her Story
Trans Atlantic Cool Down
In Your Eyes
Tim's Tune
The Onyx

Nicky D.: A Song in My Heart

Nicky D. - "A Song in My Heart"

San Francisco Bay Area vocalist extraordinare. This smooth crooner achieved National Chart Status with his debut album in 1997 "The Game of Love". Now in 2000 the release of "A Song in My Heart" and a spring tour, Nicky D. is soon to become a household word. Backed by some of the West Coast's finest studio musicians, Nicky's dynamic vocal delivery moves listeners from all walks of life.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Baby Be Mine
Wishing On A Star
What You Want
Pillow Talk
Thinkin 'Bout You
Don't Keep Me Hangin'
Love That's Real
Doggin Around
Never Too Late
Hang On To Your Dreams


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