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Kelly Suttenfield

Kelley Suttenfield - "Where Is Love?"
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Listen to sound samples:


Twilight Time
Where Is Love?
And I Love Her
Ode to Billy Joe
Coraçáo Vagabundo
Open the Door
Nature Boy
West Coast Blues
I Fall in Love Too Easily
My One and Only Love

East Coast-based Jazz Vocalist Kelley Suttenfield showcases a set of Standards and Pop tunes on her new CD Where Is Love? for Rhombus Records. For Where Is Love?, Kelley enlisted some of New York's finest musicians including: Michael Cabe-Piano, Jesse Lewis and Tony Romano-Guitars, Matt Aronoff-Bass, and Brian Adler-Drums.

Her first CD features a wide variety of songs all done in her own style. Kelley Suttenfield is a bright new light on the jazz scene and will be touring to support Where Is Love? with live concerts. Watch for them in your town.




A-Sax-Anate - "When A Soul Cries"
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When A Soul Cries

A-Sax-Anate is a California-based Saxophonist/Composer recently signed to Rhombus Records. The CD single features a long and short version of the song When A Soul Cries.

A product of this philosophy: "Close the mind's eye, and the mind sleeps. The mind sleeps and the heart goes idle, and the idle heart makes the soul weep. A weeping soul brings on despair. Despair makes the soul cry."

When A Soul Cries is the artist's depiction of what it might sound like if you could hear a soul cry. This is the first single from the CD, Complete Me, due to be released in 2010 on Rhombus Records.


James Domine

James Domine - "Through Your Window"
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Leavin' LA
You'll Never Know
Fantasy Woman
El Norteño
Through Your Window
When I'm With You
Canoga By The Sea
Mother Jones
Nothing To Say
Abelard and Heloise

James Domine has created a truly inspired musical masterpiece in his new CD Through Your Window released on the Rhombus Records label. This more-than-eclectic cycle of nine original songs spans a wide spectrum of styles and genres that represent a whole generation of music making.

Embodying the refined sensibilities of a symphony, Through Your Window is a compositional tapestry woven of instrumental colors and carefully balanced vocal harmonies that weaves an enchanting spell that is at once refreshing, familiar and unique. A contrapuntal texture of crisply delineated organ lines, exuberant and sometimes romantic piano parts and the baroque delicacy of a harpsichord are delivered with crystal clarity, juxtaposed against the bluesy melancholy of electric guitars. A rhythm section of drums, bass and acoustic guitars give an elemental, earthy feel to the ensemble.

The CD also features Gary Herbig on flute, alto and tenor sax, and drummer-percussionist Phillippe Aubuchon. Cameo performances are given by Mike Perlowin playing steel-pedal guitar and mandolin, and Anne-Marie Aubuchon, playing blockflöte. A violin section rounds out the orchestration.


Matt Kalin

Matt Kalin - "Matt Jazz"
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Wish You Were Here
Can't Buy Me Love
Joshua Tree
Three Little Birds
It's Too Late...
Surfing With Patrik
Still Crazy After All These Years
You've Got A Friend
Bird Dub

West coast Sax player Matt Kalin steps out as leader on his first CD of Instrumental Jazz, Ska and Reggae tunes for Rhombus Records. The CD features Matt on Saxophones, Chris Darjany on Piano, Bill Markus on Acoustic Bass, and Richard Martinez on Drums.

The tunes include instrumental remakes of Wish You Were Here, Can't Buy Me Love, Changes, Three Little Birds (Bob Marley), It's Too Late, Still Crazy After All These Years, You've Got A Friend, Bird Dub and originals by Matt: K-Ska, Joshua Tree, and Surfing With Patrik.

Matt and his group take you on a musical trip frm L.A. to the Caribean and back—a must have for all fans of Jazz, Reggae, World Beat and Ska.


Fred Horn

Fred Horn - "Steady Fready's Ready"
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'73 Charger Starts Up
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Beautiful Day
Shake That Rump
Colour My World
Sippin' Wine
Happy To Be
Casa Romantica
El Burrito
Trane Hip Hop
Intro To System
You Are In My System
Let Me Give You My...
The Hornfather
Dat's Funky
Disco Ditty
Move Yo' Feet
Night Time
Deer Lodge Charlie
'73 Charger Pulls Away

Los Angeles based Saxophonist/Composer Fred Horn's new CD for Rhombus
Records showcases a set of originals and cover tunes in the Smooth Jazz, R&B, Funk and Latin styles.

Fred assembled some of L.A.'s finest musicians for Steady Fready's Ready including smooth jazz guitarist Chris Standring on the Tears For Fears' remake Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Rico Belled-Bassist from the Rippingtons, Adolfo Acosta on Trumpet and Mark VW on Bass from Tower Of Power, and Rhombus Records President Thom Teresi-Piano, on the Chicago remake Colour My World.

Along with Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Colour My World, Fred does a remake of You Are In My System by The System ...plus a large variety of originals written by Fred in a style all his own.


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