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East Bay Messengers: Detour to Oakland

Eastbay Messengers - "Detour to Oakland"

The Eastbay Messengers are; Paul Jackson-Bass/ Vocals and Mike Clark-Drums from the Legendary Jazz/Funk/Fusion band Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters
complemented by Keyboard player/ Vocalist Mark Kaye and Guitar Player Jerry Stucker.

On "Detour To Oakland" The Eastbay Messengers present thirteen original compositions including their new rendition of the classic Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters hit "Chameleon" featuring guest Sax player Donald Harrison on Tenor Sax, and guest vocalist Alex Haven on "Stay In The Real Groove".

"Detour To Oakland" is the Rhombus Records debut for The Eastbay Messengers and they are delivering the word to catch the Jazz/ Funk/Fusion "Detour".

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Detour To Oakland
Loft Funk
Go With It
Stay In The Real Groove
Fe Fi Fo Funk
Neck Bones
People Come Together
Slick It
Get Your Groove On
Supernatural Bitch
There's Enough
Funk Street

The Bob Kee Combo: Young and Bold, Old and Cold

The Bob Kee Combo - "Young and Bold, Old and Cold"

Saxophonist/Trumpet Player/Composer/Arranger Bob Kee, (not to be confused with Bobby Keys of The Rolling Stones Band) is arguably one of the most unsung heroes of the Los Angeles music scene.

Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley, Bob played in every type of band imaginable, was a staff arranger for Motown, and worked in the studios; but it was his colorful style of Sax playing and composing that landed him squarely in the Free Jazz mode. Bob composed and recorded a lage body of work that was lost due to his untimely death in the early 90s. Rhombus Records was able to unearth one of his lost studio sessions showcasing some of his original compositions along with two live tracks never heard before.

The group features Bob Kee - Saxes, Thom Teresi - Keyboards, Tony Teresi - Drums, and Chuck Young - Bass. Now the world can hear the explosive sounds of The Bob Kee Combo. Hold on to your seats, its going to be a wild ride.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Young and Old, Bold and Cold
African Eyes
If I Never Knew Your Love
Woo, What I'd Like To Do To You
It's A Beautiful Day

Dan Carlin & Friends: Street Talk

Dan Carlin & Friends - "Street Talk"

Guitarist/ Composer Dan Carlin showcases an eclectic set of eight Smooth Jazz originals and two covers, "It's A Man's, Man's, Man's, World" and "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" on his new release for Rhombus Records, "Street Talk".

"Street Talk" is Dan's third CD for Rhombus. His first two CD's, "Tradewinds" and "Prowlin" were received with much critical aclaim by Smooth Jazz radio and Press. On "Street Talk", Dan inlisted some of the very best musicians on the west coast including: Max Bennett and Vernon Porter - Bass, Joey Heredia, Dave Hooper, and John Ferraro - Drums, Rob Whitlock - Keyboards, Mike Miller - Guitar, Richard Bredice - Slide Guitar, Gary Meek - Saxes, Leslie Fuller, Bob Gulley, and Poul Pederson - Vocals, and Scott Breadman - Percussion.

"Street Talk" was produced by Dan Carlin and Max Bennett. The first single from "Street Talk" to be released to Smooth Jazz radio is "Dan's in Shoes", a beautiful light Latin groove featuring Dan on Acoustic Guitar.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Street Talk
Green Eyed Devil
It's A Man's Man's Man's World
Southern Blues
Dan's In Slices
Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
I Still Believe
Private Party
Voices From Afar

Dan Carlin & Friends: Prowlin

Dan Carlin & Friends - "Prowlin"

Guitarist /Composer Dan Carlin presents a set of his original compositions on his sophomore release for Rhombus Records “Prowlin”. Dan’s first CD for Rhombus was “Tradewinds” which received much criticalacclaim from the Jazz and Rock press and was a popular addition to College radio.

“Prowlin” showcases Dan’s many writing styles including Jazz Fusion, Rock,Reggae, and World music. For “Prowlin”, Dan assembled a group of the hottest players anywhere including; Max Bennett and Vernon Porter, Bass, Mark Massey, Rob Whitlock, Thom Teresi, Mario Rossi, and Larry Hanson, Keyboards, Rocco Barbato, Sax, Allan Holdsworth, Guitar/Synthax, John Ferraro, Drums, Jimmy Graham, Steel Drums, and Oliver Brown, Percussion.

With “Prowlin”, Dan Carlin steps into a whole new level of production and composition and is ready for the next step.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

The Cat's Meow
Just Wanna Make Love to You
In Memory of You
Cat Fusion
Leopard Walk
Cat Heaven
El Gato Fandango

Dan Carlin: Tradewinds

Dan Carlin - "Tradewinds"

Fusion Guitarist and Composer Dan Carlin presents “Tradewinds”, his first solo CD and his first recording for Rhombus Records. Dan has performed with The Blue Cheer Band, Robert Conti/Guitarist, and Michael Pinera (Guitarist for Blues Image, Alice Cooper, Cactus, and Iron Butterfly bands).

“Tradewinds” features a great lineup of session musicians including; Rocco Barbato- Sax, John Ferraro - Drums, Vernon Porter - Bass, and Mark Massey - Keyboards.

“Tradewinds” is an all original production with the exception of “Tom Cat”, which was composed by Max Bennett of Tom Scott and The L.A. Express.

“Tradewinds” was composed internationally by Dan Carlin, along with various co-writers on selected tunes. The music has a great uptempo feel for the listener's enjoyment.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Breezes of St. Thomas
The Road to Cairns
Save Me!
DC's Mojo
Tom Cat
Diddly Squat
Turq's Groove
Shadows of the Heart


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