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Rhombus Records

Rhombus Records was formed in 1986 by Thom Teresi to release his own music. The first release was by a group called 'Affirmation'. Identity Crisis was the album, with Thom Teresi as keyboardist, now re-released.

Since then, Rhombus Records has released over 200 CDs including Thom Teresi "Earth Tones", "Street Smart", & "Live",  Lorraine Feather "New York City Drag",  Americana projects by Donald Rubinstein & Charlie Taylor, Mark Winkler "Sings Bobby Troup", and three projects by Nicky D., as well as distributing Jazzbridge Music (Tom Schuman of Spyro Gyra), and a Rhombus' first Reggae compilation "Reggae Dreams - Volume 1".


Creative music lives at Rhombus Records!


Rhombus Records AllStars Gig

Reggae Dreams Cued-Up Interview

"Cued Up" Interviews:
Thom Teresi
Reggae Dreams
















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