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Best of Thom Teresi

Thom Teresi - "Andiamo"

Not originally set for release, "Andiamo" was recorded live and is the last live recording by Guitarist Alex Diambrini with the Thom Teresi group. Thom and Alex D. played together for years along with Steve Mann-Saxes, Tom Huggins-Bass, and Jack Cook-Drums and listening to "Andiamo" (which means "Lets Go" in Italian) is like spending a intimate evening in a club with Thom and the band. A solo Piano version of "Arrivederci Roma" by Thom ends the CD as a tribute to his close friend Alex Diambrini.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Stevie Ray
Too Good to Be True
Moonstone Beach
Las Tardas Floja
Sun Showers
Tuff Talk
Al Di La
Arrivederci Roma

Thom Teresi - Christmas in L.A.

Thom Teresi - "Christmas In L.A."

Release Date: November 9, 2010

Let It Snow in a Mambo? Blue Christmas with Steel Drums? Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas with a Hip Hop beat?

This is the new Christmas CD by Thom Teresi, Christmas In L.A., because everybody knows it's always 80 degrees on Christmas in L.A.. Fun arrangements of traditional Christmas songs done with a new twist, including a Teresi original: Christmas Dedication.

All keyboards and arrangements are by Thom Teresi. Drum programming by Nathan Waldron at Lunar Studios, Ridgecrest, CA. Mastered by Randall Derchan at RMD Music Productions. Photos by Gino Teresi, artwork by Marlee O'Neal at Aartrageous.com.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Let It Snow
Merry Little Christmas
What Child Is This?
Christmas Time Is Here
White Christmas
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree   
The Christmas Song
Blue Christmas
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Christmas Dedication


Thom Teresi - "Da Capo..." (From the Beginning)

Release Date: 2010

In 1980 Rhombus Records' President Thom Teresi released his first aAlbum with his group Affirmation "Lost Angeles" for the Inner City label. That was the start of his musical journey celebrating 30 years in 2010. Thom started Rhombus Records in 1985 to release his own music with Affirmation "Identity Crisis" and spent the last 25 years releasing all kinds of music. Rhombus is celebrating its 25-year Aniversary with a new release from Thom Teresi, "Da Capo... (From the Beginning)".

Starting with two new songs by Thom from 2010 and working its way back 30 years, Da Capo... features songs from the albums Earthtones, Street Smart, Live At The Old Pasadena Summerfest, Affirmation's Identity Crisis & Lost Angeles and Reggae Dreams Vol. 1. Thom continues to play live and continues to release new music from new artists for the Rhombus Records label.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Son of Mr. Green Genes
Urban Jungle Fever
The Soweto Shuffle
Gino's Groove
In The Light Of The Night
Look Here
Blues For Bill W.
Identity Crisis
West Washington Blvd.
The French Rejection Part 1
Catch As Catch Can
No Doubt

Reggae Dreams - "Volume 1"

Release Date: 2003

In an international style, Reggae Dreams presents Reggae styles from all over the world. Featuring fifteen songs from Dance Hall to Ska, Reggae Dreams showcases artists Thom Teresi, Dee Teresi, House Arrest, Steven T. Easter, The Crazy Baldheads and Vick Silva, the Earthtones, Jah Moon, the Street Smart Band, and Hophead—backed by some of the best World Beat musicians in the world.

Reggae Dreams remakes of popular songs are featured such as Dee's version of Paul Simon's Bridge Over Troubled Water, Steven T. Easter's take on Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and the Beatles' I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and The Crazy Baldheads' version of Clint Black's When I Say I Do.

Original tunes by all the artists include Toasting by House Arrest, Spanish Lyrics by Vick Silva, instrumentals by Hophead and The Street Smart Band, and African Township Jive by the Earthtones. From beginning to end, this 70- minute CD takes the listener to far off, exotic places and back; a true musical trip. Just put on Reggae Dreams and enjoy the vacation.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Never Gonna Give You Up
Turning Nothing to Something
When I Say I Do
Chicano Reggae
The Soweto Shuffle
Street People
Hold Your Hand
Everybody Now
Red Light Lady
S.S. Dub
I Want You
Brazilian Reggae Nights
I Can't Get Loose

Thom Teresi and the Street Smart Band - "Live"

Release Date: 2001

Thom Teresi is a well-known presence around Los Angeles, a popular and adventurous jazz fusion keyboardist as well as owner of the innovative and diverse indie label Rhombus Records. One of the most exciting free gigs on the local landscape is the annual Playboy Festival's preview called the Old Pasadena Summerfest, and Teresi's 45-minute set at this event in 2001 is the basis of this exciting recording. The playing by Teresi and his band (featuring Dee Teresi on drums and vocals, Mark Chosak on guitar, Tony Isabel on bass, and the very prominent Cesar Garcia on sax and flute) is (almost) all at once lush, feisty, cool, melodic, and funky. "Too Good To Be True" balances Garcia's colorful melody and improvisations with Isabel's throbbing bass and the increasingly energetic piano excursions of the leader." Teresi's banter with the audience informs them that the band is opening with a taste of L.A. before going on a playful journey to laid-back Jamaica ("S.S. Dub") and (driven by the crazy percussion of Howee Duzzit) a fiery trip to Latin America (the seductive vocal tune "I'm Free"). "Pingo Landia" has a light Latin candlelight vibe, with Teresi's tender piano harmonies filling the spaces between the sax. Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

Put on Thom Teresi and the Street Smart Band, "Live At The Old Pasadena Summerfest" and the party begins as Thom and the group take you on a musical trip from L.A. to the Caribbean, Brazil, Cabo San Lucus, Outer Space and back.

"Live" features four live versions of tunes from Thom's studio CDs; "Too Good To Be True" and "S.S. Dub" from STREET SMART, "Pingo Landia" from EARTH TONES, and "No Doubt" from AFFIRMATION - LOST ANGELES, plus two new compositions, "I'm Free" and "Gino's Groove", co-written and sung by Drummer/Vocalist, Dee Teresi.

Group members include some of L.A.'s best players; Cesar Garcia on Sax and Flute, Mark Chosak on Guitar, Dee Teresi on Drums and Vocals, Tony Isabel on Bass and Howey Duzzit on Percussion.

"Live" is Thom's fifth CD for Rhombus - they include: "Earth Tones", "Street Smart" and two CDs with the group Affirmation, "Lost Angeles" and "Identity Crisis".

As KKJZ Jazz Radio DJ James Janisse says in his introduction; "This is Thom and his group, playing the music they were born to play. So listen, groove and enjoy".

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Too Good To Be True
S.S. Dub
I'm Free
No Doubt
Gino's Groove

Thom Teresi - "Street Smart"

Release Date: 1998

Following in the smooth-jazz and world-beat styles, Street Smart features performances by Tower of Power Bassist Francis Rocco Prestia, smooth jazz sax player Sam Riney, Miles Davis' percussionist Munyungo Daryl Jackson, Tower of Power guitarist Bruce Conte, Electric Viola player Jimbo Ross (Affirmation), and studio percussionist Brad Dutz, along with some of the hottest musicians in the Los Angeles area.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Too Good to be True (Wave Mix)
S.S. Dub
In the Light of the Night
Son of Mr. Green Genes
Look Here
Para Paloma
Back Where You Never Were
Las Tardes Floja
Too Good to be True (Acid Jazz Mix)

Thom Teresi - "Earthtones"

Release Date: 1993

"Earthtones" was released in 1993. The music on this CD has an eclectic array of Blues, World Beat, Funk and Jazz.

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

The Soweto Shuffle
Echo Park/Silver Lake
Red Light Lady
Urban Jungle Fever
Can't Get Loose
Pingo Landia
Blues for Bill W.
What on Earth?

Affirmation - "Identity Crisis"

Release Date: 1985

"Identity Crisis", the second release by the L.A.-based Jazz-Fusion band AFFIRMATION. It was also the debut release for Rhombus Records in 1985.

This eight song set was produced by Keyboardist Thom Teresi with co-production chores by Guitarist Joe Gaeta, and violinist Jimbo Ross, with Tom Fowler - Bass, Ron Wagner - Drums, and John Mandell - Percussion, with guest appearances by Walfredo Reyes - Drums (Santana, Steve Winwood), Vito San Filippo - Bass (Tower of Power) and Diane Reeves, Special guest vocalist on "West Washington Blvd."

Group members draw on a wealth of diverse musical credits including: Frank Zappa, El Chicano, Don Ellis Orchestra, George Duke, Gino Vanelli, Auricle, Jean Luc Ponty, Shawn Phillips and Smokey Robinson to name a few.

Now available on CD and VINYL with a previously unreleased bonus track on the CD, "Just The Other Day".

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Identity Crisis
West Washington Blvd
Amber Autumn
Packed, Fair & Square
Ivory Towers
The French Rejection
Sounds Good To Me
Just The Other Day

Affirmation - "Lost Angeles"

Release Date: 1980

"Lost Angeles" originally released on the Inner City Records label (Jeff Lorber, Dan Seigel, Jean Luc Ponty), hailed as "One of the most popular and innovative Jazz Fusion bands to emerge from the west coast in the 80s".

Band members, Thom Teresi - Keyboards, Joe Gaeta - Guitar, Jimbo Ross - Electric Viola, Tom Fowler - Bass, David Crigger - Drums, and Mike Fisher - Percussion, draw on a wealth of diverse experiences (Frank Zappa, Gino Vanelli, Don Ellis Orchestra, El Chicano, George Duke, Shawn Phillips, and Smokey Robinson, to name a few).

Affirmation puts together a musical stew that is truly unique. Produced by Thom Teresi and Joe Gaeta. Originally released on vinyl.

"The sounds on Lost Angeles blend delicate melodies with high energy arrangements, offering a variety of moods and colors". - Cleveland/Akron Jazz Report

"Affirmation perform their improvisations with verve and drive". - Lowell Times, Mass.

"The songs are tight, wonderfully melodic, yet funky". - Record Review

Sample MP3s and download at Amazon Music:

Lost Angeles
Dance Of Bahia
Inside Out
No Doubt
Wish I'd Said That
Catch As Catch Can


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