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Lana Johnson - Songs From The Heart Lana Johnson - "Songs From The Heart"
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Taking It Slow
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
It Don't Mean A Thing
When Sunny Gets Blue
Good Morning Heartache
Beginning To See The Light
Pennies From Heaven
What A Wonderful World

Dedicated to the memory of Vocalist Lana Johnson, Songs From The Heart features 10 songs including Jazz standards and 3 Duets with Steve Johnson (The Cats In The Hats): Taking It Slow and Visions (Originals by Lana and Steve) and the Pop standard, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Also featured are standards, Unforgetable and Good Morning Heartache. Some of the tracks are just Lana with Guitar acompaniment, for a intimate setting, and the other tracks are full band for a more upbeat mood.


Greg Hatza - To a New Place The Greg Hatza ORGANization- "To a New Place"
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The Station at 7th and Franklin
To a New Place
Samurai Express
A Little Honey on the Toast
A Reflection of Su
Flight of Dreams
Night Walker
One for Prime Time G.E.
When I Couldn't See... You Carried Me

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Back on track with a new album of original compositions - straight ahead and contemporary, former Jimmy Smith protege, Greg Hatza is back behind the Hammond B3, with a sound still unsullied by what's trendy.

This nostaligic for a return to the classical jazz lines created by the eminent professionals of today, will revel in the vanguard performances of Greg Hatza. As agile and ingenious a performer as ever - plus posessed with fiery technique for jazz phrasing, Greg Hatza has brought new life to the saying "everything old is new again." Baltimore native and notably one of the few white Americans to carve a notch among the legends of musicality on jazz organ; Hatza's early inspirations came from Ray Charles and later Jimmy Smith.


Bernie Mora & Tangent Bernie Mora & Tangent - "Dandelion"
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Twilight Tango Bernie Mora
Jb 111 Bernie Mora
Grand Central
Slipper When Wet
Canyon Walls
Full Moon Funk
Into the Sunset

Texas based Guitarist / Composer Bernie Mora steps out front on his deut CD for
Rhombus Records, Dandelion.

Dandelion showcases a set of all original tunes written by Bernie Mora in a
Jazz / Fusion / Latin/ Funk and Rock style all his own.

Bernie used some of the best Musicians in El Paso and Los Angeles for Dandelion
including: Doc Anthony - Drums, Robert Vance - Bass, Corey Allen - Keyboards, Doug
Webb - Saxes, Lee Thornburg - Trumpet and Trombone, and Munyungo Daryl Jackson -
Percussion, with Bernie on Guitar.

Dandelion is a unique music experiance and is a must have for all fans of Jazz/
Fusion and creative progressive music.


Bernie Mora & Tangent Bernie Mora & Tangent - "All That Glitters"
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All That Glitters
It's All up to You
Let It Go
Little Joe
Miles Away
Perchance to Dream
Good to Go
Driving Force
Forever & Always
West Indies
See Ya

"See where it all began. All That Glitters is the first cd by Bernie Mora and Tangen from El Paso Texas with guests players from L.A. featuring Bernie Mora-Guitar, Doug Webb-Saxes and Machun from Hiroshima on vocals."


Sue Raney - Listen Here Sue Raney - "Listen Here" featuring Alan Broadbent
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Listen Here
My Melancholy Baby
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
The Bad And The Beautiful
The Music That Makes Me Dance
He Was Too Good To Me
You'll Never Know
It Might As Well Be Spring
It Never Was You
You Must Believe In Spring
There Used To Be A Ballpark
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

After their long musical partnership performing in formats ranging from Big Band to Class Jazz Trio, singer Sue Raney and pianist Alan Broadbent finally realize their long-held dream of a duo album.

One of the most underappreciated jazz vocalists of the past half-century, Sue Raney is also proving one of the most durable. They open with Dave Frishberg’s tenderly introspective ‘Listen Here’, then keep the tempo on simmer through a spectrum of major league ballads, extending from the romantic coziness of ‘My Melancholy Baby’ and ‘You'll Never Know’ to the hazy heartache of ‘He Was Too Good To Me’ and ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’. - Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times

Sue Raney gave an unofficial seminar in the art of song. A seminar, that is, that illustrated by example, not by textbooks. And the key word was “art.” Because Raney’s remarkable vocal skills were completely at the service of her creatively illuminating interpretations of material from the Great American Songbook. - Don Heckman, Crtitic


Cat Conner - Cat Tales Cat Conner - "Cat Tales"
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Hello Ma Baby
I Want To Talk About You
Them There Eyes
If You Could See Me Now
In A Mellow Tone
Some Other Time
Embraceable You
I Hear A Rhapsody

Veteran vocalist Cat Conner is thrilled to release her first CD for Rhombus Records.
Canadian born, Cat resides in Los Angeles where she regularly performs and has recorded this spectacular set of 19 tunes with the amazing George Mesterhazy on Piano and Gene Cipriano on Tenor, Clarinet and Bass Oboe. Jim Hughart joins them on Bass for 3 tunes.

Surprisingly senuous treatment, and swings at every tempo.
- Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene


Steven T. Easter - O. G. Jazz Vol.1 Steven T. Easter - "O. G. Jazz Vol.1"
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Rivers Of Love
House Of Jazz
Saving My Love
I'm Sprung On Your Love

Ladies and Gentlemen...after more than three decades in the music industry, Steven T. Easter's resume spans to producer / songwriter / publisher / drummer / percussionist / arranger AND vocalist!

On various projects, Steven's range of talent includes: Thom Teresi & The Earthtones, Mushi-Mushi, Jah-Moon, Hophead, Reggae Dreams vol.1, The Crazy Baldheads & Vic Silva's Roots Man Dance - only to emerge with a smooth jazz project that enlists the expertise of Phil Berreno's remix mastering & Tim Anderson on Sax.

So do yourself a solid, and let your ears explode with Steven T. Easter - O.G. JAZZ VOL. 1.





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